Fogarty ‘71 FSU Feature ArticleAt Fort Hood, TX is where John developed he leadership style. "The general's philosophy was great," he said. "If one of the subordinate commanders asked the division surgeon for something, my job was to say yes. I was not allowed to say no. That's been my philosophy ever since."

It's that philosophy that has helped John Fogarty, known as "J" to friends and colleagues, guide Florida State's relatively young medical school to new heights and national prominence — and it's that philosophy that endures as a polestar for Fogarty and his entire administrative staff.

"Our job as an administration is to be responsive, to figure out what people need to be successful," he said. "I think we've done that. I don't care who gets the credit around here as long as we get the job done."

"My sense is that team-based health care, chronic health care and disease management is really the care of the future," Fogarty said. "Having our doctors in training learn to work side by side with physician assistants, and vice versa, will be very exciting going forward."

Another object of Fogarty's excitement is the college's forthcoming primary care clinic in northwest Tallahassee. » Full Story

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