Colonel Scott Cottrell '73 - Kwajalein Chaos: All Enemies Foreign and DomesticColonel Scott Cottrell has published, Kwajalein Chaos: All Enemies Foreign and Domestic. A Latin American drug cartel, an Islamic terrorist group, and China and Russia form a secret cabal bent on shocking the US while they take what they want across the globe. With the President focused on securing a trade agreement with China, with or without Senate approval, his actions put Reagan Test Site at risk and ignite the tinderbox of the South China Sea. Colonel Seth Grayson and the senior officers at the Pentagon must weigh their oath of office to support and defend the constitution against orders from their commander in chief which run contrary to the constitution. Their faith is tested as they move to defend Kwajalein and secure international trade routes in the South China Sea against the wishes of the POTUS. This book is available on Amazon.

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