Hoffman '90 Running for Suicide PreventionCol(R) Tony Hofmann has led a team of dozens of ultra-endurance athletes, mostly combat Veterans, to run in the Leadville, Colorado marathon for the past few years and has raised funds that help Veterans and First Responders battling post-traumatic stress.

The marathon takes teamwork and endurance, something Veterans need to overcome post-traumatic stress. "It's really an emotional event, not just for the runners involved, even if you've done it multiple times; but also for the folks that are there at the finish line relative to the race," said Tony.

"It's just a very tough issue," said Tony, who wanted to take action to do what he could to end the Veteran suicide epidemic. "It's giving back, it's a way to stay connected; but more importantly, hopefully it's about making a difference," said Tony. "Trying to make a positive impact, and assist folks that are suffering from post-traumatic stress; that's for me, what it's all about, is saving lives." Read More

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