Mark and Keegan WestA father is the first person his son looks up to. He sets the example for how a man should act and carry himself, causing his son to emulate everything he does. This paternal bond is perhaps most evident when a boy begins to play sports. From teaching you how to shoot a basketball to throwing a perfect spiral, a father is defaulted as your first coach.

For Army West Point Sprint Football firstie quarterback Keegan West and his father, Mark West, this relationship has persisted through the collegiate level as the two have enjoyed sharing the sideline for the past four years. Mark was a quarterback for the sprint football team during his time as a cadet and has served as the team's head coach for 10 seasons, which included instructing his son for the last four years.

Keegan always knew that West Point was a viable option for college. Heck, with the strong ties the Academy has sown in his family tree, it was impossible to miss. In total, eight members of his family have attended the Academy: grandfather Lt. Col. (R) Gus Fishburne '62, mother Col. Holly West (nee Fishburne) '91, father Lt. Col. (R) Mark West '91, uncle Capt. E.G. Fishburne '94, cousin 1st Lt. Allie Lycan '15, cousin 2nd Lt. Cooper Lycan '17, Keegan '19 and sister Lexi West '21. To put it simply, West Point is part of Keegan's DNA.

"West Point was always right there," Keegan said. "I had always said that this was a place I wanted to consider going to. I knew that West Point was one of those places where, if you get an opportunity to come here, it's hard to pass up."

Both Mark and Holly excelled athletically during their time as cadets. Mark was on the Division I football team as a plebe before transitioning to the star quarterback of the sprint football team for his final three years at the Academy. Holly is one of the all-time great athletes to come through the women's soccer program and still ranks in the top-10 in career points, goals and game-winning goals. Read More

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