Cadet Travels to Bosnia for Academic DevelopmentCadet Caneel Dixon ’20, had the opportunity to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina this summer as part of her Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD). “I learned how to educate and lead people whose ages ranged from 4 to 40. Every day I would teach four English classes at various levels. All of my students, regardless of age, were extremely excited and ready to learn. For almost everyone I taught, this was their first chance to speak with a native English speaker and learn about the United States from a U.S. citizen instead of in the news. Additionally, I was able to travel on the weekends to see natural wonders across Bosnia. It is truly a beautiful country and I am so grateful for this experience to broaden my perspective and appreciate another culture,” Dixon said of her experience abroad.

USMA’s Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) program is a key component of the Margin of Excellence, which is made possible through the generous donations of graduates, parents and friends of West Point. Cadets spend two to four weeks, primarily during the summer academic break, conducting academically enriching studies, service, research, and cultural immersions. In the summer of 2018, approximately 450 cadets traveled internationally, and more than 650 traveled domestically.
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