Cadet Annual 14th Annual OutreachThe Cadet Catholic Chapel Choir (directed by Mrs. Emily Lapisardi) and Protestant Chapel Choir (directed by Mr. Craig Williams) traveled to Easton, PA for the 14th consecutive year to conduct their annual outreach event. Accompanying the choir were LTC Glenn Robertson (EECS), Dr. Eileen Kowalski (D/CLS), and CPT Edwin Den Harder (HIST). The trip was an excellent developmental experience for the Cadets, especially the Choir President, CDT Mary McCurry ‘19. Housed with the generous families of the host parish, St. Rocco's in Martins Creek, PA, cadets sang in the musical liturgy of one service on Saturday and two on Sunday with a total congregation of approximately 500 parishioners. This event is the first time the choirs have conducted a joint trip section to this area. It is an excellent opportunity for team building amongst these two groups who often perform together on other trips sections and events such as the Combined Choir Concert and the National Prayer Break-fast.

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