After 31 years in uniform, BG(R) Christopher Petty '87, recently started By producing condensed summaries of famous battles - including lessons on strategy, tactics, and leadership - he hopes to help the Army build a new generation of historically-informed leaders.

"Our young officers and NCO's aren't reading the 300- page books anymore, we have to adapt. We can't afford to lose the all-important military history perspective in our future leaders." Petty said.

Through easy-to-read tri-fold brochures, and digital downloads, Chris hopes to enable young military officers and NCOs to more easily continue their professional development outside of the classroom.

Chris's last job in the military was the Deputy Director of Operations (Deputy J-3) for USNORTHCOM (United States Northern Command). He and his wife are settled in Denver. Their four boys (one West Point class of 2014, and one from the USCGA Class of 2013) are all married, and they have four grandchildren.

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