Gonzales '03Susan Gonzales is working every single day to change the world for American veterans. Susan is the founder of SilentProfessionals.org, a career services platform focused on U.S. military combat veterans seeking job placement and career growth in the private security sector. The website is innovating how veterans are employed and how their military skills translate to society. In just one year, silentprofessionals.org placed over 2,000 combat veterans in jobs all around the world, including corporate security and executive protection roles.

Gonzales said she was inspired by the many vets in her life who struggled to "translate their skills" in today's society. Instead, she found a place where those skills are needed and appreciated. "You can't translate everything because not all skills translate. Sometimes, you have to build a bridge. There is so little knowledge about the military and how to help veterans, I wanted to change our understanding of these skills and their experiences while also helping them find work and launch new careers.”

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