DFL Spanish Forum Visits Chilean EmbassyAs the Army prioritizes building relationships and learning from other cultures, the Spanish Forum remains at the forefront of educating and immersing cadets in language and culture. The Spanish Forum traveled to Washington D.C. to visit the Chilean Embassy and participate in the 20th Annual Inter-American Defense Board's Cultural Day. Led by Cadet Stephanie Myles, eight cadets from the Spanish Forum gained regional and cultural experience, while practicing their language skills.

Cadets visited the Chilean Embassy speaking with both its diplomatic and military missions and received a brief in Spanish regarding the Chilean Military Mission's role and responsibilities. The visit was highlighted by a rare meet-and-greet with Chile's Ambassador to the United States Alfonso Silva Navarro. The event hosted embassy and military staff from across the Western Hemispheric region to familiarize others with their own unique culture. Cadets experienced cultures and customs from 14 different countries. Major General Luis Rodriguez Bucio, the Head of the Council of Delegates, personally invited the Spanish Forum and welcomes more USMA cadet participation in the future.

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