Second Annual Urban Affairs ConferenceThe Department of Social Sciences (SOSH), with assistance from the Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering (CME) and Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering (GENE), hosted the second annual Urban Affairs Conference which included over 100 attendees and 13 presentations throughout the day. This conference was designed to facilitate interaction between the West Point community and their civilian counterparts to better understand current urban issues. This year's conference included students and/or faculty from Columbia University (SIPA), Bard College, MIT, NYU, and Manhattan College. Presenters had a wide variety of career experience as well, members of academia, military officers, government officials, and non-profit organizations. The keynote speaker, Honorable Matt Collier '75 was the highlight of the conference as he discussed his experience as mayor of Flint, MI and connected it to the concepts of leadership and service that he learned while at West Point. Perhaps most valuable however, was the networking and relationship building between a variety of schools, faculty members, and practitioners that had great ideas for future collaboration in the urban space.

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