Cadets Visit the Department of JusticeTen cadets from the C3MO traveled down to the Eastern District of NYC to learn about the Department of Justice and discuss the values of Duty, Honor, and Country with federal judges. They met with Daniel Mandell, a local lawyer with connections to the judges of the courthouse. In the morning, they saw an arraignment and spoke with the presiding judge. Afterwards, they stood behind the Judge's bench in a naturalization ceremony, speaking on the history of NYC and West Point in the country's foundation. Then, they led the 120+ crowd of newly naturalized US citizens in the pledge of allegiance. At noon, they met with seven federal judges over lunch to discuss their jobs, any dissonance between morality and sentencing requirements, and their roles as federal employees. After lunch, they talked to Judge Sterling Johnson Jr., a supporter of West Point and its cadets, about his life story and changes in the relationships between civilians and the Army. Last, they received a brief about the U.S. Marshall service and had a discussion with the manager of the east district of NYC and took a tour of their facilities throughout the courthouse.

Photo: with Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. in his office

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