CDT Serica Hallstead '20The class of 2019 has the highest number of African American women graduates. The group of 34 female African American graduates is the largest in our 217-year history. When diplomas are awarded on Saturday morning, there also will be 19 Hispanic women standing in line, the largest number thus far. Women entered West Point for the first time in 1976, which was also the nation's bicentennial. Of 119 females, 62 graduated in 1980.

"As with anything that is new, there is sometimes hesitation and reluctance to change," Brig. Gen. Anne Macdonald said in 2010, on the 30th anniversary of her historic class. "Unfortunately, there was animosity toward us. Really, the reaction from the men ran the gamut. Some were curious, some ignored us, some were helpful, and some were hostile and difficult."

In the class of 2019, cadet Isabella Minter told she was grateful to belong "to a dynamic class of black women who have persevered and endured far more than anyone can truly realize." Full story »

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