During the last week of April and into the beginning of May, the United States Military Academy at West Point celebrated the first-ever “Commitment to Service” week, a series of events (from the Grant Statue dedication to the Coach K Awards dinner) that highlighted the theme of a lifetime of selfless service to the nation, to the community, and to others. Speaking at the Distinguished Graduate Award (DGA) Luncheon, which honored the five graduates recognized in 2019, as well as welcomed the more than 740 graduates who returned to their alma mater for spring reunions, Lieutenant General Darryl Williams ’83, the 60th Superintendent of West Point, remarked that “Commitment to Service” weeks should be expanded to the DGA event. “I can’t think of a better way to inspire cadets to service than to have them spend a few minutes with this year’s DGA recipients,” Williams said, noting that if there were ever a “Who’s Who” or hall of fame for selfless service, it would be filled by the five Distinguished Graduates for 2019: General (Retired) David A. Bramlett ’64, Colonel (Retired) Victor Garcia M.D. ’68, Lieutenant General (Retired) Robert L. VanAntwerp ’72, General (Retired) Walter L. “Skip” Sharp ’74, and Lieutenant General (Retired) Robert L. Caslen Jr. ’75. Read more.

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