West Point Society of Fort Bragg/Sandhills president Mike Karaman ’79, along with his wife, Nancy, opened their home to yet another squad of Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) Cows and Firsties. Mike and Nancy have been sponsoring these receptions for years – albeit with some mouth-watering contributions from Society Master Chefs – and the cadets, always famished, seem to enjoy themselves.

Here is what Jeff Donaldson '69 had to say about it:

"This time we had fewer cadets than usual, thanks to field training and units prepping for deployment; but the cornhole competition – using gen-u-ine AOG Gift Shop cornholes and beanbags – was NCAA Final Four caliber; the pot-luck gourmet cuisine was off-the-page; and the conversation stimulating... apparently for both sides. The stories these youngsters tell, and the questions they ask, always guarantee terrific afternoons. No doubt about it, a good time was had by all... although seeing Alma Mater's glorious insignia emblazoned on cornhole equipment did take a bit of, well, adjustment."

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