Cadets Visit the British Airborne MuseumCadets on the Operation Market-Garden Staff Ride visited the British Airborne Museum located at the site of the British Airborne Headquarters during the operation and received a guided walking tour of the Oosterbeek perimeter. Through this guided tour and peer briefs, cadets gained a much greater appreciation for the challenges of multinational operations, the heroism of the Allied soldiers and Dutch civilians involved in the fighting, and how the terrain in the area shaped both the defense of the perimeter by the British and Polish airborne forces from September 21-25 and the eventual evacuation of what remained of the British 1st Airborne Division after 9 days of savage fighting. Of the 11,920 soldiers of the 1st Airborne Division and Polish Brigade committed to the operation at Arnhem, 1,485 (12.5%) were killed, 6,525 were captured (54.7%), and 3,910 (32.8%) were safely evacuated or withdrawn from the area. The British 1st Airborne Division effectively ceased to exist, with less than 2,000 of its 9,000 soldiers evacuated at the end of the operation.

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