Triathlon at the Lobsterman OlympicSeventeen Cadets and one Officer Representative from the West Point Triathlon Team traveled to Freeport, Maine to compete in the Lobsterman Olympic Distance Triathlon. This race is the second Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC) series race this season in which collegiate athletes earn points towards the conference championship. Despite cooler temperatures and breezy conditions due to Hurricane Dorian passing by offshore, the cadets completed the challenge with spectacular results and earned a significant amount of conference points.

Awards earned: 1st Place Collegiate Team: West Point 2nd Place Collegiate Female: Emma McDonald '23, 4th Place Collegiate Female: Ann Mulvenna '20, 5th Place Collegiate Female: Rylie Fry '22, 1st Place Collegiate Male & 2nd Place Overall Male: Julius Shepard '20, 3rd Place Collegiate Male: Thomas Batt '22, 4th Place Collegiate Male: Hunter Cochran '22 and 5th Place Collegiate Male: Joshua Reece '23.

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