Gary Pearcy has been named Vice President of Payment Operations at DailyPay. Pearcy comes to DailyPay after more than a decade of innovation at Wells Fargo, most recently as the Chief Operating Officer for the bank’s merchant services division. Pearcy will oversee DailyPay’s rapidly growing technology and payment operations from the company’s new regional office in Minneapolis.

“Gary has a deep understanding of payment systems, networks and operational process,” said Ron Munkittrick, DailyPay’s Chief Financial Officer. “He’s with us to make sure that DailyPay works seamlessly, whether at a company with 500 employees or 50,000. He’s a great addition to DailyPay.”

“DailyPay is the evolution of the financial services business,” Pearcy said. “Throughout my career, I’ve seen a lot of innovations in the payments space. We can pay for things faster and more securely. But DailyPay is the breakout company in a whole new area. Now we’re innovating in getting paid, not just paying out. I’m happy to be part of it.” Read more.

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