Lieutenant General (Retired) Jack Woodmansee has been awarded the Braddock Award, which honors members of the board that is overseen by the deputy undersecretary's office. He served over 30 years in the Army, researching new concepts and equipment for Soldiers, and almost another 20 years as a civilian eyeing future capabilities on the Army Science Board.

Now 85, Woodmansee, a former armor officer and aviator, credits Braddock and other past awardees for showing him the ropes throughout his Army career. "I had a lot of mentoring from these guys that won the Braddock award ahead of me," he said, laughing. "I give them a lot of credit … of grabbing me by the neck and then saying, 'You know, you're good at some things but let me help you with this future business.'"

During his career, he served two tours in the Vietnam War where he commanded helicopter gunships and air cavalry units. He flew over 1,500 combat hours and earned a Silver Star while serving as a commander in the 1st Cavalry Division's 7th Cavalry Regiment. His other military awards include two Army Distinguished Service medals, two Legion of Merit medals and five Distinguished Flying Cross medals, many of them from his time in Vietnam.

After he put away his uniform, Woodmansee continued to assist the Army in getting future capabilities out to Soldiers. He spent 19 years on the science board starting in the early 1990s. While in it, he participated in over 25 studies that directly influenced Army programs and strategy. "Once a Solider, always a Soldier," he said of why he continues to develop ways to help future troops, but now with his sons. "You wonder what the next kids are going to have and how we are going to do that." Read more.

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