Nuclear Science Merit Badge WorkshopThe Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the DTRA Nuclear Science and Engineering Research Center hosted a Nuclear Science Merit Badge Workshop for sixteen Scouts from Troop 23. During the five hours of activities, the Scouts completed all of the requirements to earn the merit badge. Activities included hands-on detection of naturally occurring radioactive materials, touring the pelletron accelerator, viewing radiation tracks in a cloud chamber detector, conducting an exponential decay investigation of "candium" (M&Ms), performing a radiation shielding laboratory, and completing atomic structure and fission simulations in the new state-of-the-art computational teaching classroom. The event was made possible through the volunteer efforts of CDTs Emiliano Concha-Toro '20, Joseph Kyburz '20, Anmol Narang '20, Nathaniel Peek '21, Nathan Schubring'21, Thomas Williams '20; CLS Faculty LTC Armstrong; DTRA NSERC Director COL Schools; and PANE Faculty MAJ Sublett, LTC McManus, Dr. Allen, and COL Phillips.

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