Slavin '75 Releases "Kill Crime"Mike Slavin released the first book in his vigilante series: Kill Crime, a Jeff Case Novel-stunning crime thriller full of twists with an unpredictable ending. Normal, everyday people are tired of waiting for justice. They're killing murderers and getting away with it, thanks to a controversial, best-selling how-to book. Jeff Case, intrigued with the book and its mysteries, becomes the hunted after witnessing the author's murder.

Case is also hit with tragedy on more than one front, and some friends and family are murdered. He becomes frustrated with the police when leads run out, and he's forced to grapple with the moral decision about ultimate justice. Revenge killing is something he's had to wrestle with before, on the battlefield. A West Point graduate and decorated combat veteran, he has the skills to hunt and kill, but he can't do it alone. He turns to private investigator Trish Teal and hand-picks friends who have certain valuable talents.

Case and the team he builds go on the hunt for the killers and for justice that takes them on a frantic chase from Houston and throughout Texas to Reno and Vegas. They must take on the dark side of the oil industry and gambling, while still coming alive on the other side.

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