Walker's Journey to West Point a Story to TellKell Walker was playing football in the street with his cousins when a car pulled up on the road. "Kell!" Yelled the woman in the car. "Kell! Kell!" she shouted again.

Eight years old at the time, he did not recognize her. It wasn't long before the two were embracing and sharing tears. "I'm back," she assured him. "Things will be different now." The woman in the car was his mother, who he was now seeing for the first time in six years.

When Kell was just two-years old, she left the house with his oldest brother. She left him with his father, who was in his late 60s. His father owned a drywall business and cared for him for the next two years before deciding that it would be best for Kell to move in with his cousin, Rhonda Mayweather. Rhonda had an apartment in the Orton Keyes projects in Rockford, Ill., and she helped provide Kell with some financial support.

"It was a struggle growing up in the projects, but at the same time when you're a kid you don't really pay too much attention to that type of stuff," Walker said. "You're just trying to have fun and everything is pretty much a joke to you at that time." Read more.

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