Army Marathon at the Annual ‘Boston Build Up’ Race

The Army West Point Marathon Team raced a 20K road race hosted by Club Connecticut in their annual ‘Boston Build up’ race series. The race began at Tomlinson Middle School in Fairfield, Connecticut and ended at the Fairfield train station.

The route consisted of rolling hills throughout the scenic community of Fairfield. This race was the first of the semester for the Marathon Team and was a benchmark to assess themselves. The results were very promising, and the team is in a strong position to perform well at the Boston Marathon.

In the race, the men’s team captured 5 of the top 10 spots. Particularly elite performances came from Cadet Dashiell Rogers ’23 and Charles Hogeboom ’21 with times of 1:12:50 and 1:13:09, respectively. The women’s team took two of the top ten spots with Haley Seaward ’23 and Autumn Shea ’20 leading the way with times of 1:29:20 and 1:30:28 respectively.

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