Historic Showing for Taekwondo at RMCThe West Point Taekwondo team traveled to The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) to compete in the annual exchange.

The team made a historic showing, winning at RMC for the first time ever. The ranked fights finished two to one in favor of West Point, with Cadets Tae Kim and Nicole Nettles winning their matches.

Cadet Brock Curry also won his exhibition match in the colored belt fights. Following the competition, the team participated in a joint training event with their RMC counterparts in Poomsae (forms). Coach Joel Ridley of RMC organized for the Canadian National Champions to run a two-hour training session focused on developing technical skills that would help the cadets immensely.

It was a phenomenal training opportunity, not just for the caliber of instructors but in that cadets competed and immediately turned around and trained alongside their allies.

The trip ended with a team dinner with the teams intermixed and building friendships that will last them throughout their careers. The cadets look forward to hosting RMC at USMA next year and defending their title.

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