Center for Molecular Science Works to ProtectThe U.S. Military Academy's Center for Molecular Science conducts research into a wide variety of fields.

Everything is made up of molecules, so the areas of research are considerably more vast than the tiny particles being studied in the center.

To Col. John Burpo, the head of the academy's department of chemistry and life science, which CMS is a part of, the many research projects being conducted in the center can all be wrapped up into a single goal. The researchers in the Center for Molecular Science are working to find ways to keep Soldiers safe and then treat those who get injured.

This includes research into lightweight power and energy, wounded warrior care, sensors to detect roadside bombs and more.

"Molecules are really the vehicle by which all of the work is done," Burpo said. "If you're talking about biology and life science, those molecules makeup cells, tissues and the like. Those molecules are the things that make up a 3D porous nanomaterial for a fuel cell. Those molecules are the things that make up a sensor to pick up on explosive compounds." Read more.

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