West Point, to TheeBy Cole Stacklin-Jarvis, Men's Rugby

“Beyond the Pitch”

Hello, my name is Cole Stacklin-Jarvis. I am from small town known as New Washington, Ohio, and I want to tell you about what Army rugby means to me.

There are very few words that can truly explain what the sport of rugby has done for me. In short, it has given me lifelong friends, a lifestyle of fitness and a mentality of maturity and grit that is growing rare. But with this opportunity to show my appreciation, I want to dive a little deeper and elaborate on my personal journey through West Point as a member of the Army rugby team.

In 2015, I got a letter of acceptance to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS). For me, this was a dream come true. I had worked for over a year to get into West Point and that letter was my ticket. Shortly after receiving the letter, I found out that my mother was sick with cancer. My senior year of high school changed very fast. Leaving home was not easy by any means, but my Navy veteran mother of 23 years in the reserves would not let that slide. The transition from home to the Army was a testimonial time in my faith. I became closer to God than I had ever been, and I grew up pretty fast.

While at USMAPS I walked on to the football team where I got to enjoy one more season of my favorite childhood sport. Getting that opportunity was a dream come true as well, but I knew it would not last long after that one year. I battled in the classroom at USMAPS and during that year I lost one of my grandfathers.

In a trying year, being a part of that team was an anchor for me. I have been a student-athlete since the age of five, it's the only world I have ever known. Being a part of a team was something that was just so ingrained in me that I could not go without playing some sport. So, in the fall of 2016 upon completion of Beast Barracks I made the decision to try out for the rugby team. The only experience with rugby I had up to that point was a couple runs down during mass athletics held during beast. My uncle and father played rugby when they were younger, but I was never really close with them growing up, so rugby was still so foreign to me. Read more.

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