Brigadier General Cindy Jebb
Sport: Volleyball
Current Career: Dean of the Academic Board at U.S. Military Academy

BG Cindy Jebb serves as the 14th Dean of the Academic Board at USMA. She received a Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University in 1997, a MA in Political Science from Duke in 1992, an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College in 2000, and a BS from the United States Military Academy in 1982. She has taught courses in Comparative Politics, International Security, Cultural Anthropology, Terrorism and Counterterrorism, and Officership. Commissioned as a military intelligence officer, she served in the 1st AD, III Corps, Department of Social Sciences at West Point, and the National Security Agency (NSA).

Before returning to the United States Military Academy as a member of the senior faculty, she served as the Deputy Commander of the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, which supported NSA. During 2000-2001, she served as USMA Fellow at the Naval War College (2000-2001), where she taught a graduate-level course on Strategy and Force Planning, and during 2006-2007, she served as a Visiting Fellow for the Pell Center. From 2006-2009, she served as co-chair for West Point's Self-Study for the decennial Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation.

She has authored or co-authored three books, conducted human security research in Africa, completed study projects in Iraq and Afghanistan, and served as a senior advisor to the Chief of the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq during the summer of 2015. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, BG Jebb served as a Professor and the Head of the Department of Social Sciences before assuming the duties as Dean. In 2017, she received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Bard College. Jebb played four years on the volleyball team and was the team captain as a Firstie. In addition, she also earned a letter her plebe year with softball.

Why West Point?
I discovered West Point through an article in a women's sports magazine. I was taken by the values of being part of something bigger than myself; developing the whole person; and serving this great country.

Favorite memory as an athlete at West Point?
Beating Navy in the first women's volleyball Navy competition (first home scheduled Army-Navy game in women's varsity athletics at West Point).

Most influential person at West Point during your cadet experience?
The most influential person was and is my husband and classmate who was so supportive back then and continues to be so. And my parents were also influential; I think they fed half the Corps!

How did your experience as a cadet-athlete impact your professional and/or personal life post-USMA?
In so many ways, being a cadet-athlete impacted my life: forming treasured bonds, inculcating discipline, competitive spirit, resiliency (especially in volleyball when you really can't dwell on a mistake and you have to reset for the next point), focus, fitness, and sportsmanship.

What advice would you give to the current cadet-athletes at West Point?
Enjoy the moments; competing at the Division 1 level while representing the Academy is an honor; be grateful for getting to play a sport that reflects your passion; keep learning, keep growing, and keep cherishing your teammates and coaches.

If you could write a message to your younger self (while a cadet-athlete) what would you say?
Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

How often do you get together with your classmates and teammates?
One of the wonderful aspects of serving at West Point is that I get to reunite with many classmates as they visit; at least once a year my women classmates have a get-together; the sports teams host alum weekends, which offer special opportunities to meet with teammates throughout the years. Story.

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