Millen ’08 Natural Born LeaderMarcus Millen woke up at 5:30 a.m. every day for four years at Army West Point, and had formation minutes later along the base of the Hudson River.

A cold wind greeted Millen and his fellow cadets many days. By 7:30, he was eating “a subpar meal” and was left with a prevailing thought.

“Man, I’m an idiot,” he recalled.

Millen, a 2004 Easton graduate, has been a lot of things in life. No one has ever called him an idiot.

The son of Pat and Matt Millen, a former NFL player and CEO, was an all-state football player and captain of Easton’s wrestling program that won four consecutive PIAA Class 3A team tournament titles during his time there.

Millen was an officer leading units in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Baghdad before earning his MBA from Harvard and transitioning to the classroom. He is 12 years into a military career he knew he wanted when he was 8 years old, currently serving as an instructor in the Behavioral Science and Leadership department at West Point. Read more.

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