CDT Smith ’21 Designs Ventilator from Scratch on Laptop at Home

CDT Smith ’21 Designs Ventilator from Scratch on Laptop at HomeAfter going through a challenging six months, Class of 2021 Cadet Eston Smith found that the best way to distract himself was to work hard and throw himself fully into projects.

While at home due to COVID-19, he found a new project by watching the news. During a good news section at the end of the broadcast, the anchors mentioned a COVID-19 working group at Massachusetts General aimed at creating new innovations to fight the virus.

Smith reached out to the working group explaining that he is a mechanical engineering student at the U.S. Military Academy and was interested in helping out.

The email linked him up with the Massachusetts General Brigham Center for COVID Innovation and he was asked to use the skills he has learned at the academy to design a ventilator.

His research showed him that the issue wasn’t so much designing a ventilator that would work, as he found more than 100 different designs dating back to 1940 that would get the job done. Smith instead set out to find a way to solve the issue with actually building and getting the ventilators to where they are needed, such as his town of 2,000 people in Oregon. Full story.

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