West Point, to TheeBy Maddie Burns, Women's Lacrosse

Thank you, Army lacrosse.

To the world,

If you didn’t know, this 2020 team was special. We were 45 women, with a spectrum of personalities, fighting day in and day out to be champions. We were 7-0 before our season ended and we were determined to break more records. Our draw control win percentage was ranked first in the nation, our defense was tied for second nationally after allowing only 7.29 goals per game, and we were one of eight teams in the country that remained undefeated.

We also were the best in the country in the intangibles from my perspective. Our team cohesion, our grit, our resilience, and our humor all should have won us at least a few trophies. This team had insane potential, and we were ready to put our names in a few more places in the Army record books.

It’s unfortunate that our season, and some of our careers, were suddenly cut short, but I am glad to have gotten in at least seven games before it all ended. It was too good to be true, I suppose. Next season, this program will reach a whole new level and will create a splash in the world of lacrosse. I am already counting down the days to cheer them on from the stands.

To the seniors,

I love you all. The thousands of hours we dedicated to this team over four years was worth every second. From the early morning bus rides to fall scrimmages, to the late-night practices and long conditioning sessions, we made so many memories. The walks up and down the hill with teammates through every season provided its own facet of the experience, including balancing extra trays of food walking past the iced-over Lusk Reservoir, and down the perilous icy ramp behind Scott just to deliver extra food to the CCQ for our companies. Being together made anything unpleasant, fun. We knew how to have fun anywhere. No one will forget the squat party or the fun Fridays. Our legs certainly will not forget. Nevertheless, these moments only brought us closer. Read more.

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