While most of the cadets at the U.S. Military Academy have been home since leaving for spring break in March, 21 cadets remain at the academy in the transient barracks set up to house those who were unable to go home.

The majority of the cadets staying in the transient barracks are foreign exchange students who were not able to go home during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Capt. Dymitri Dutkanicz, the tactical officer overseeing the transient barracks. Other cadets had already chosen to stay at West Point during spring break and then made the decision to remain at the academy instead of traveling. Some cadets have also returned to the academy if their situations at home were untenable to continue taking online classes.

The cadets have been living in MacArthur Long, where a single floor has been setup as the transient barracks. The cadets have access to a gym that is frequently disinfected as well as common spaces where they can spend time together while socially distanced. Full story.

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