DPW Custodial Crew Deep Cleans Barracks Before Cadets Return

DPW Custodial Crew Deep Cleans Barracks Before Cadets ReturnClass of 2020 cadets will begin returning to the U.S. Military Academy in five separate cohorts starting Tuesday. Once the initial inprocessing and seclusion time is complete at Camp Buckner, they will begin streaming back into the main campus barracks. The cadets should instantly notice the spick-and-span cleanliness of the buildings compared to what they left in early March prior to spring break and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since late March, the Directorate of Public Works’ custodial barracks crew has been working intensely to deep clean the nine barracks cadets will return to early next week, according to Sergio Baquero, DPW custodial head manager for the custodial barracks workforce. Davis, Bradley Short, Sherman, Lee, Scott, MacArthur Short, MacArthur Long, Pershing and Eisenhower Barracks were all cleaned thoroughly. Two other barracks—Bradley Long and Grant—are currently under construction and were not included. Read more.

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