The West Point Society of Fort Bragg-Sand Hills hosted an Army-Navy watch party on December 14, 2019…which was hugely enjoyable all the way up to – and excluding – the final score. Still, West Pointers know how to party, especially when that party takes place at a bistro owned by fellow West Pointers. Hosts – Jon Gerold ’91 and Doug Kim ’94 had map sheet’s most popular rally point, TapHouse Sports Bar & Grill, in downtown Fayetteville, NC, standing tall and ready for the game … with a dozen TVs and a reinforced rifle squad of attentive, Rabble-rooting servers, bartenders, and chefs.

Society member Ed Cook ’93 even crafted a plan to waive cover charges for those arriving with new, unwrapped toys he would donate to Toys-for-Tots. The TapHouse is part of an ancient building. One reason they like it as an Army-Navy venue is, “well, they just don’t make ’em this durable anymore … so we feel free to cut loose with rafter-shaking, old-brick jolting, Airborne Army hooyah!” the likes of which Auld Down Town Fayetteville only experiences once a year. Of course this year’s fourth quarter was a tad muted compared to the last five, but they reckoned the squids could do with a bit of morale boosting … and a good time was, once again, had by all.

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