West Point, to TheeBy Samantha Stewart, Women's Lacrosse


If I was able to go back in time to the day, I committed to Army women’s lacrosse, I would have never expected to be where I am now. Growing up in a military family, I always knew I wanted to attend West Point. I think the scariest part was not knowing what to expect.

Of course, there are stories from your parents, a family friend and even a current cadet, but nothing compares to your own experience.

While deciding to come to West Point seemed like an easy decision at first, it has been anything but easy. At the R-Day barbeque, I remember coming together with the rest of the class of 2020, bright eyed and excited for the journey we were about to embark on. However, the next day I found myself standing in my sweaty white over grey uniform in the rain holding back tears as I desperately held on to my parent’s gaze from the bleachers.

We have all had those moments, those days and that thought of whether West Point would be right for us or not. However, I always had one thing that helped me stay on track. My teammates.

From the very beginning, our team has served as one of the most important support systems throughout my West Point experience. It’s interesting to take a moment and look back at those memories as a senior. Filled with fear of the unknown then, I finally know what the next few years will have in store for me. Those moments don’t seem as scary and all I can think now is how blessed I am to be a part of something like West Point.

To my teammates - we have achieved so much this year. The milestones we reached as a fifth-year program demonstrate our hard work and dedication to this team. Although our season was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, the goals we reached and the memories we created will remain in our hearts forever.

To the freshmen, four seasons go by incredibly fast, make sure you take advantage of every moment. Sophomores, in the next few months you’re going to make a huge decision to continue on this path. It’s an exciting one so get ready! To the juniors, I am so excited to come back and see the ways you will carry this program as a senior class and what your military careers will soon become. Read more.

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