We are highlighting the academic excellence that cadets displayed at this year's Projects Day, supported via donations to the Margin of Excellence. Each year, Projects Day at West Point showcases hundreds of cadet capstone projects across all academic departments, and 2020 was no different--except that it went virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Projects Day 2020 had a total of 318 projects and more than 200 live project presentations online via the USMA conferencing platform. Almost 1,500 people tuned in to watch West Point's annual "academic Super Bowl."

“The Winant Scholars 2019 team is extremely grateful for the donations from the WPAOG that allowed our trips and research to become a reality.' - CDT Elizavetta (Liz) Fursova '21

Donors that support West Point and the Long Gray Line helped make this happen and we are truly grateful.

Congratulations to all the Projects Day winners from WPAOG!

Clark Award Winner: "Soldier Power Augmentation Readiness Kit;" CME/EE&CS; Cadets (Class of 2020) Hunter Ball, Hannah White, Jack Farrington, Mike Hamilton and (Class of 2022) Nolan Pearce; Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Zifchock

Dean’s Inter-Departmental Award Winner: "Post Nuclear Blast Recon Swarm;" CME, PANE, EE&CS, DSE; Cadets (All Class of 2020) Cooper Cone (CS), Malik Hancock (CS), Robert Huepfel (PaNE), Murray Johnston (ME), Seth Losure (PaNE), Sophia Parker (SE), Michael Renard (EE), Luke Rose (ME), Victor Rutledge (SE), Samantha Sullivan (CS), William Walter (ME); Advisors: Mr. Andrew Kopeikin (CME), LTC Keith McManus '98 (PaNE), Mr. Kevin Carey (EECS), Mr. Ted Londner (DSE)

Dean’s Inter-Departmental Award Honorable Mention: "RADBOT;" PANE, CME, EE&CS, MATH, DSE; Cadets (All Class of 2020) Tyler Lacosta (CME), Kaelynn Mayes (PaNE), Brendan Huhlein (PaNE), Nicholas Franck (EECS), Ethan Shepherd (EECS), Trenton Leslie (EECS), Adam Hudler (EECS), Kyle Herschberger (EECS), Spencer Lee (DSE), Natalie Hales (MATH), Gloria Son (CME), Devin Men (CME); Advisors: Dr. John Rogers (CME ), LTC Keith Mcmanus '98 (PaNE), Mr. Dominic Larkin (EECS), Mr. Ted Londner (DSE)

To learn more about the Margin of Excellence and how you can support cadet studies, please visit our website at: https://www.westpointaog.org/WestPointmarginofexcellence

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