WPS of Hong Kong Founders DayThe West Point Society of Hong Kong had their somewhat smaller Founders Day on March 20th, which was after Hong Kong started quarantining new travelers into the country but before they started restricting group events. Everyone who attended had to confirm they had not traveled outside Hong Kong for the prior two weeks, and for that reason many had to drop out.

They had a total of 12 guests, including five Grads: Phil Krichilsky ’88 (Oldest Grad), Scott Surek ’88, Adam Balukonis ’95, Derek Ping ’02, and Tye Graham ’03 (Youngest Grad). Derek and Tye are FAOs at the US Consulate. There were two other Consulate workers, one a Naval Attaché and the other a former US Marshall.

It was held at the same venue as in prior years, the Crown Wine Cellar, which is located in a former British munitions bunker, which was also the last position in Hong Kong to surrender to the Japanese in World War II. Having the event in a bunker seemed more appropriate this year. For name tags, they made special personalized hand sanitizers which turned out to be a hit. There was no guest speaker-- the oldest grad and youngest grad speeches were more than enough. They came away agreeing the smaller event was more enjoyable, especially given the circumstances.

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