WPS of Ft. Bragg-Sand Hills First Monday DinnerRecently the West Point Society of Fort Bragg-Sand Hills held their first monthly dinner on a classic Infantry Weather-shrouded evening at Logan’s Road House in Fayetteville, NC. A fine turnout warmed the evening with precisely the banter you might expect from half a hundred Grads representing classes from 1957 through 2019. Society President Mike Karaman ’79 welcomed everyone, to include a Friend-of-West-Point visitor from Fayetteville’s own Methodist University, Mr. Drew Ziegler.

Mr. Ziegler was representing a famous Tarheel with whom many have served: former (two-term!) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, GEN Hugh Shelton. Mr. Z’s lively presentation described one of the General’s current passions: affording high school students the chance to learn leadership fundamentals at an intense, residential, one-week summer camp called, quite simply, The Shelton Leadership Camp. Several Society members’ kids are camp veterans … and reviews are uniformly sensational. (Info: www.methodist.edu/shelton) Readers will agree that if anyone, anywhere, should know how to inspire and teach leadership, it is GEN Hugh H. Shelton.

Speaking of leadership, Mike Karaman presented an efficient, off-the-cuff, two-minute program of instruction (again) on how to make reservations (and do a lot of other neat things) via SallyPort. He even offered to host an AI period after dinner. (That’s “Additional Instruction” for you Star Men and Women out there.) After a brief Q&A, Mike adjourned the meeting … and a good time was had by all, yet again.

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