Thank You FirstiesBy Matt Sherman, Head Men's Rugby Coach

Army men's rugby Class of 2020,

Congratulations on the successful completion of your 47-month journey at West Point culminating with Saturday’s unique graduation. I don’t think you would say the journey has been easy, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I believe strongly it will be one that you found to be challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and formative as you forge down your life’s path.

I know how hard you’ve all worked to get here, and I am overwhelmingly proud of and happy for you all. I am also deeply saddened to see you depart, and I, your teammates, and the team, will miss you immensely. Nonetheless, while not here in being, your legacy will be with us in spirit as we continue to strive to now stand on your shoulders and leave the jersey in a better place.

I am very grateful for our time and experiences together, as well as your considerable efforts and contributions to the team these last 47-months. I am grateful for our relationship and the personal impact you have had on my life, helping me to improve and grow as a better person, leader and coach. I’m grateful for the positive impact you have had on our team and brotherhood. I feel absolute in saying you left the jersey in a better place and have carried our legacy forward. I also know that you have carried the Army rugby brotherhood forward by forging strong bonds with all of your teammates and with each other.

Lastly, I’m grateful to have been able to see your personal growth and development on and off field these last 47 months. Your climb has been steep and impressive. It was never easy, but you approached it with tenacity and resilience and kept moving forward and upward. Read more.

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