By Paul Peck, Head Women's Tennis Coach

Dear Danna and Gloria,

Congratulations on graduating from West Point and commissioning as 2nd Lieutenants! I am so proud of both you for all you have accomplished these past four years. It has been quite a journey!! I know that you are both prepared and ready for the challenges ahead in your military career. You have been trained at the best leadership institution in the world and your leadership skills will help you succeed in any unit you are assigned. I am looking forward to seeing all your accomplishments in your military careers, in your communities and in the private sector in the future.

I also want to thank you for all you have done for Army women’s tennis because of you two, our team is the most cohesive I have ever seen it in my 26 years at West Point. You both have led by example in terms of your work ethic, competitiveness and just being great teammates. One of your best strengths as teammates is your sense of humor and constant teasing of each other. It allowed the team to laugh and relax during a tough Dean’s week or in stressful competitions.

We have had many adventures on and off the courts over the years but one of my favorite memories during your time with the team is the 2018 Patriot League Championship. Read more.

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