By Mark West, Head Sprint Football Coach

Dear Tommy, Rino, Bobby, DJ, Johnny D, Gigs, Garrett, Petey, Brendan, Connor, CJ, JJ, and Cavan,

Congratulations! You did it! You graduated from West Point and officially became members of the Long Gray Line! It was no easy task, but you persevered and got it done – much the same way you persevered on the gridiron with the Sprint football team.

For most of you, I remember you as new cadets showing up for our pre-R Day picnic ready to take on “The Beast”. Take on “The Beast” you did, slaying it with hard work and tenacity. That plebe summer proved to be indicative of your entire 47-month experience. You guys were relentless in your pursuit for excellence.

I admit, I have had graduating classes in the Sprint program with more overall talent that your class. Yet I have never had a graduating class with more grit and determination than the Class of 2020. You scratched, clawed, and fought for everything you earned. It was not always pretty, but you always got the job done. Leaving with a 27-4 record, two CSFL championships, and 3 wins over arch-rival Navy is an amazing accomplishment.

My greatest memory for your class will always be your senior season. After losing the championship game to Navy during the 2018 season along with a chance at an undefeated season, you took the bull by the horns as rising seniors in the winter of 2019 and vowed to lead the team and bring the championship trophy back to Army West Point. Read more.

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