West Point, to TheeBy Maddie Miller, Women's Lacrosse

The Greatest Team on Earth

Grit, resilience, and determination are characteristics we all admire in others, but how do we prove to ourselves that we are worthy of these descriptors? For me, it was the pursuit of sports, specifically lacrosse.

The sport of lacrosse has shown me that these values are available to me if I work as hard as I know I am capable of. Beyond showing me what I can achieve personally, I am eternally grateful to the sport for the friendships, mentors, and memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I recognize that the opportunity to continue playing this game at the Division I level is not a given for anyone, and that it is a privilege that has been afforded to me.

Further, I am thankful for the school to which lacrosse has ultimately brought me. Without lacrosse, I would not be at West Point. Lacrosse provided me with a career path which I am passionate about. One of selfless service and integrity. My experience on the women’s lacrosse team at West Point will soon transition to an experience on another team, the greatest team on Earth, the United States Army.

As a child, or even a young high school student, I could have never imagined myself as an officer in the U.S. Army. It was not until my sophomore year of high school that the idea of being a cadet at West Point germinated. When I went on my first recruiting visit in December of 2014, I was timid and hesitant. I had no clue about how daily life functioned at West Point, and I was even more clueless about the duties of an Army officer, to which I would have to commit five years of my life after graduation. Read more.

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