CDT Manzonelli ’21 Presents at the MORS Symposium

CDT Manzonelli ’21 Presents at the MORS SymposiumCDT Nico Manzonelli ’21 had the unique opportunity to present his project titled “Using a Dictionary-Based Approach to Identify Offensive Tweets” at the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium. CDT Manzonelli presented an application called DURT – or, the Derogatory Use of Regular Text, a dictionary-based approach to identifying potentially offensive Twitter Tweets. He used R to create a Shiny application which allows users to search any public Twitter user’s feed for offensive content. DURT’s performance is comparable to many complex machine learning algorithms, but it provides a more simple, explainable, and customizable backbone.

Reflection on his experience at MORS, CDT Manzonelli said, “Even though MORS was virtual it was still an awesome learning experience. As a cadet, understanding that the other presenters are way smarter than me and being open to feedback throughout the entire process helped me out.” Congratulations to Nico on a fantastic project, and for making a splash in the MORS community!

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