Walker Commands CBT This SummerSmall in stature, reserved and soft-spoken with a big smile from ear-to-ear are things that will pop out at you when you meet Class of 2021 Cadet Evan Walker for the first time. However, she may not necessarily be someone you would think of to lead nearly 1,500 new cadets and cadet cadre during Cadet Basic Training.

Three years ago, during her CBT as a new cadet, her squad leader brought up the fact she was so meek and quiet.

“Looking back to when I was a new cadet, my squad leader told me, ‘Walker, you need to speak up sometimes, you are just in the middle, you’re kind of reserved,’” Walker said. “When I was a plebe, it was the same thing throughout the year.”

However, first impressions aren’t what define people. All people have layers to them and Walker is no different as there is a fighter inside her, and she is aggressive to make her mark. Her mark was set when she found her voice as a squad leader during Cadet Field Training last summer.

“I got to practice my leadership philosophy (at CFT) and see the value of just being a leader in general,” Walker said. “Getting to practice what we had been learning up to that point, that’s really where I said, ‘I like leading people,’ and I think I handled my 10-person squad well. So, I said, ‘OK, let’s go onto the next step.’”

From there, Walker went on to be her H-2 Company’s academic year first sergeant, which allowed her to cut her teeth more in a leadership role and experienced leading 130 people in a different setting. Read more.

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