USMA Announces Class of 2021 Cadet Leadership Positions

USMA Announces Class of 2021 Cadet Leadership PositionsThe U.S. Military Academy announced the names of the cadets from the Class of 2021 selected to lead the Corps of Cadets during the upcoming academic year. These cadets will assume their leadership duties on August 10 prior to the start of the fall academic session at the academy.

“The qualities, character and leadership these cadets display represent everything we strive to instill in our graduates. These cadet-leaders embody the values of Duty, Honor, Country and each has demonstrated the ability to serve with distinction as a leader for the Corps of Cadets, our Army and nation.” said Commandant of Cadets, BG Curtis Buzzard.

The positions are

First Captain/Brigade Commander: Reilly McGinnis, Macungie, Pa.
Brigade Command Sgt. Maj.: Reuben Jones, Durham, N.C.
1st Regimental Commander: Tyler Shekleton, Springfield, Ill.
Regimental Command Sgt. Maj.: Isaac Nawa, Redding, Pa.
2nd Regimental Commander: Evan Walker, Rowlett, Texas
Regimental Command Sgt. Maj.: Bruce Knill, Aliso Viejo, Calif.
3rd Regimental Commander: Eric Paar, Louisville, Ky.
Regimental Command Sgt. Maj.: Gabrielle White, North Royalton, Ohio
4th Regimental Commander: Mark Jaskot, Burke, Va.
Regimental Command Sgt. Maj.: Gregory Coleman, Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.
Deputy Brigade Commander: Tyrese Bender, Fairfax, Va.
Brigade Executive Officer: Isabelle Embola, Columbus, Ga.
Brigade S-1 (Personnel): Emma Lawson, Monroe, Mich.                 
Brigade S-2 (Security/PAO): Angeline Tritschler, Tallahassee, Fla.
Brigade S-3 (Operations): Chris Ploch, Hamburg, N.J.                               
Brigade S-4 (Logistics): Katarina Christianson, Carver, Minn.                                 
Brigade S-6 (Communications): Scott Donnellon, Emmett, Mich
Brigade Athletic Officer: Lucas Purdy, McDermott, Ohio                                                          
Brigade Leader Development System Officer: Max Weisman, North Hollywood, Calif.        
Brigade Academic Officer: Maxwell Meyers, Cataula, Ga.                                   
Brigade MWR Officer: Stavros Pappas, Birmingham, Ala.             
Brigade Physical Development Officer: Anthony Genaro, Cape May, N.J.

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