Dr. Toftoy - "Blunders: Shocking Mistakes That Altered History"

Dr. Toftoy - "Blunders: Shocking Mistakes That Altered History"Dr. Charles N. Toftoy is excited about the upcoming release of his book, Blunnders: Shocking Mistakes That Altered History. The Alpha Team is back! This time they explore little known facts about History’s worst Blunders, a series of mistakes causing and leading up to a disaster or horrific event, where numerous lives are lost that could’ve been saved.

Six years of research has brought forth the truth about what really happened, the cover-ups and more!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to: Wounded Warrior Mentor Program. (Dr. Toftoy is a mentor in the program.)

The book will be made available at Amazonand all major online bookstores everywhere. Get your copy when it comes out and please, pass this information onto your contacts, too, so they can enjoy reading all about the history of these disasters that most people do not know.

Dr. Charles N. Toftoy has worked in three sectors: military (20 years), corporate (12 years), academic (17 years). He was a U.S. Army airborne ranger, infantry officer. Toftoy is a highly decorated (wounded twice) Vietnam veteran (two tours).

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