CDT Suh ’23 Founds Operation Golden ShieldCadet Caleb Suh ’23 has founded Operation Golden Shield to help our Veterans during the pandemic. He coordinated with the Community Living Center (CLC) at the D.C. VA Medical Center to identify the most urgent needs of health care providers and of CLC residents.

“Due to the pandemic, many of us unexpectedly found ourselves back in the communities where we had grown up. It became clear that there were urgent needs among Veterans, within our health care system, and among patients in long-term care facilities, and all of us had important social responsibilities to contribute,” said Cadet Suh. “Through our actions and our engagement with our community, we also help address the societal schisms and the racial divide that we are seeing in our country. Working on meaningful activities, on common missions – that is how we bring everyone together. It is an honor to serve the Veterans who have given so much to our nation, together as a unified front.”

Congratulations to Caleb Suh and his team! Through Caleb's tremendous organization efforts, team building skills, and outreach to Cadets and Midshipmen, he was able to bring together 40 future leaders and make a difference in a noble effort supporting our American Veterans. Well Done!

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