CDT Moser ’21 Anylizes Aerosol MovementCDT Dylan Moser ’21 made the most of a challenging summer not just by successfully completing MC380 in a STAP course period, but also enrolling in ME389 - Independent Study in Mechanical Engineering. In his study, Dylan worked with advisors COL’s Mike Benson and Phil Dacunto to conduct experiments and analyze the results associated with aerosol movement in classrooms. The study - which can help inform the Academy on best practices - studies the impact of desk spacing, and desk dividers on the classroom transport of a contaminant from several release locations. The desk dividers substantially altered the class airflow and suggest that for the room studied - risk to the instructor location could be reduced. Dylan’s work is of great importance to the community as the results are related to COVID transport of the smallest of particles - such as those that go through cloth face masks, and will be submitted to a peer reviewed journal in the coming weeks.

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