Marks Joins Army Baseball Coaching StaffArmy West Point Baseball head coach Jim Foster announced the addition of Phil Marks as the team's volunteer assistant coach.

“Phil is a person of high character who will continue to help us make a tremendous impact on our future leaders in all areas,” Foster said. "He joins us after attending Marion Military Academy and spending three years in professional baseball with the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels, and Detroit Tigers. He will assist in many areas but is really going to put us among the best in the country when it comes to player development."

Prior to joining the Black Knights, Marks spent three years working in various positions in professional baseball. His most recent position was with the Detroit Tigers, working as a Baseball Information Assistant. His primary focus was advanced scouting and development, creating scouting reports and using motion assessments and advanced analytics to aid the coaching staff.

“When you combine Phil's strengths in technology and analytics with what we do as a staff here at West Point with the baseball team, it will really benefit our current and future players' development,” Foster said. “Today's players need to be shown, not just told, and that will really help speed up our development curve. There are only a handful of college programs that will be doing what we do in these areas at this level. He will also be assisting on the field in a very versatile role that will allow the staff to have the flexibility and confidence to know each day our players are getting the best instruction and attention they need.”

Marks spent the 2019 season with the Los Angeles Angels organization as an affiliate video manager. He used various advanced scouting programs, including Edgertronic Video to assist coaching staffs throughout the Angels organization. In 2018, Marks served as Assistant to the General Manager for the Staten Island Yankees. He oversaw all team activity such as roster moves, hotel and transportation accommodations, media relations and external team events. He also served as Assistant to the Director of Team Travel and Player Services for the New York Yankees during the 2017 season, where he would assist in travel coordination and budget compliance for the Major League club throughout the year.

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