With Humility and Passion, McGinnis Begins First Captain Tenure

With Humility and Passion, McGinnis Begins First Captain TenureA person’s attitude can be contagious and keeping the right people by your side to help you make important decisions can be the difference between being a reliable leader or one that leads his or her subordinates astray. For First Captain Class of 2021 Cadet Reilly McGinnis, this has been her personal adage since she began her cadet career at the U.S. Military Academy.

Team building and working in unison to achieve a shared goal where concepts instilled within her as a teenager playing soccer at Emmaus High School in Macungie, Pennsylvania. It was also soccer that led McGinnis to West Point. She still remembers Sarah Oswald, her club soccer coach, contacting her about West Point and suggesting she apply.

“(My family) didn't really know about West Point, it was never on my parents’ radar, but once we all started looking into it, they were so supportive. I remember my parents saying, ‘that school is for Reilly,’” McGinnis, who played varsity soccer at West Point before an injury ended her career, said. “I also remember thinking, ‘I cannot imagine myself in the Army,’ just because I had never thought about it before.”

She visited the time-honored halls and corridors of West Point and fell in love with everything from the campus’ classical revival architecture, to the opportunities the institution provides. But most importantly, what drew her to the academy was the people. Their selfless and personable appeal drew her in, and she became enamored with the culture. Read more.

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