Jeff Monken Press Conference Quotes: Middle Tennessee State

Jeff Monken Press Conference Quotes: Middle Tennessee StateArmy West Point Football head coach Jeff Monken met virtually with members of the local media on Tuesday afternoon for his weekly press conference inside Nowak Auditorium. The Black Knights will take on Middle Tennessee State in its season opener Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Michie Stadium. The game will be aired on CBS Sports Network.

Army West Point Football Head Coach Jeff Monken
Ref.: Opening Statement
“Good afternoon everyone. It is great to be here talking about playing football this weekend, just four days from now. Great thanks to our Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams, AD Mike Buddie and Bob Beretta who had such an important role in developing a schedule for us this year and the entire academy for creating a protective bubble. What this academy has created for this team to give us an opportunity to be able to operate, be healthy and a chance to play college football.”

Ref.: Preparation for this Season
“I think it feels the same. We are excited about playing like we have in the past. There are a lot of different protocols in place for us in terms of our daily operations. But once we hit the practice field and what we've been doing to prepare our players is very much like a normal season. It's nice to feel that sense of normalcy.”

Ref.: Player's Reactions to New Protocol
“Probably like everybody. It is a little bit of a pain in the rear end to have to do all that stuff, but it is what we have to do. It is the world we live in. We can so no and say we aren't going to wear masks or wash our hands and come up with all these reasons why we shouldn't, but the wise thing is to follow the protocols they put in place. Because of the vigilance we've had in creating an environment where our guys can stay healthy and they do those things to give them the best chance to stay healthy that we've made it this far and four days to a game – and we've had a healthy football team.” Read more.

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