Selection Process for New Army Functional Area Now Open

Selection Process for New Army Functional Area Now OpenThe window is now open to compete for one of the Army’s newest functional areas, FA58, the Enterprise Marketing and Behavioral Economics career field.

The Army’s marketing is transparent to most Soldiers who only see the advertisements, but modern marketing is much more involved and requires everything from strategy to advanced data analytics. This served as the primary reason for establishing the Army Enterprise Marketing Office (AEMO) in Chicago last year.

The creation of the FA58 career field provides the talent for AEMO by attracting well-qualified active-duty Army officers with skills related to marketing strategy, content creation, content delivery and marketing analytics.

FA58 selected its first group of 30 officers in March. The talent-based competitive selection process began in December and elicited almost 500 initiated applications. One of the main exercises that applicants were asked to conduct presented a business school-style case study on the challenges facing Army Marketing. Case study exercises are a common tool used by leading firms to evaluate an applicant’s ability to process multiple facts and data points, then determine a potential solution to a complex problem.

After an initial screening of applications, 15% of the applicant pool was invited for virtual interviews. FA58 ultimately selected a cohort that included officers from 19 different career fields across the Army. Read more.

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